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Your Decor – Our History

Your Decor was established in 1986 when the owners of Terrace Builders decided to move their flooring department into a newly purchased building across the street on 3202 Munroe Street. Under the ownership of George McCullough, Ernie Froese, Bob Taylor, and the expert management of Al Eagan and Richard Klein, the store ran successfully in the 7,000 square foot building throughout the 30 years. In the late fall of 2010, the present owners Ernie Froese, Shawn McCullough and Dave Merritt purchased a new commercial building. After a year of additions and renovations, we opened our 11,000 square foot store on 4602 Keith Avenue.  On March 1st, 2021 Fraser Valley Building Supplies purchsed Your Decor from Dave Merritt and Shawn McCullough and continue to run the business in the same manner as the previous owners.


As a BC-owned and –operated business, Your Decor has been serving the clients in Northwestern BC for over 30 years. We are now positioned with knowledgeable, customer-service driven staff and a newly expanded facility to serve the clients in the northwest for many years to come. Our professionals have the required skills to supply and install flooring and window coverings.


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